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tales of something simple - thoughts inspired by another year’s completion

i believe

Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.

all types of chaos

thoughts inspired by another year's completion

I learned many a thing this year…here is just a preview into my world.

  • Believe in anything and it is possible.
  • People can change for better and for worse.  When it’s for worse, cut ‘em loose.
  • Money isn’t everything but it sure fucking helps.
  • Two dogs are double the food, double the poop, double the bills and quadruple the fun.
  • I don’t need to buy one in every color…unless it’s on sale.
  • If I am full my plate doesn’t need to be finished.
  • Making lunch the night before saves time, money and a lot of cursing in the morning.
  • Someone should mandate me to keep my cell phone in my trunk while driving.
  • Direct deposit of my paycheck is the greatest thing ever.
  • Online bill-pay isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
  • Having anal retentive, insanely particular, annoying land lords is about as awful and painful as getting your period in white pants.
  • When you expect less you don’t always get less, but I don’t suggest the glass half empty view as a habit.
  • “I’m sorry” isn’t three syllables, it’s an action.
  • It is almost always cheaper online–thank you Amazon and eBay.
  • I really hate driving.
  • Growing out my hair was a genius idea.
  • If I don’t highlight my hair every 8 weeks the only person that notices is me.
  • Even if your budget is tighter than a size 6 squeezing into a size 4 (I’ve tried it), Santa still brings some really cool shit on Christmas.
  • Not enough food and dining establishments serve Dr. Pepper.
  • Gas prices have more than doubled since I got passed my driving test 8 years ago.  I think I just vomited in my mouth a little.
  • I appreciate people who have enough money to go on date night so I can watch their kids and pay for my own.
  • Sometimes it’s really important for your mind and health, to just say “no.”
  • You can call your long-lost therapist in a moment of hell to make an appointment, and cancel it the next day when you realize your moment of insanity has passed and everything he taught you before still exists and you can manage on your own.
  • I will never be able to hand wash dishes without my husband finding one that isn’t oh-so clean.  His punishment is doing all dishes indefinitely while I blog from the couch.
  • Paperless bills just make me forget to pay them.
  • New and old friends make appearances in our lives in the exact moment we need them.
  • You can have a pure bred dog and it can still qualify for the 2013 Special Olympics.
  • It’s OK to want more, it’s just not OK to appreciate what you have already, less.
  • If my husband isn’t worried, I shouldn’t be.  If he is…well, shit…we’re screwed.
  • Working long hours, off hours, doesn’t necessarily make you feel any more appreciated, or any more accomplished, get you any more money or a better title.
  • My sleep numbers is 35.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of great, but expensive blow dryer.
  • If you leave the spare bedroom door open the puppy will mercilessly eat the carpet and it’s padding without remorse.
  • Unless you say what you’re thinking, no one will ever know how you feel.
  • Even in the face of uncertainty, sometimes you just have to dive in, holding hands, laughing and taking photos to capture your journey along the way.

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