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tales of something simple - May 2011

i believe

Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.

all types of chaos

22 weeks and seeking additional womb space for last 18 week stretch :-)

Dear you:

I am convinced you are a girl.  If you are in fact descending testicles at the moment, apologies in advance.  For the first many months you were just an “it” and for whatever reason you are now a female to me (Daddy thinks so too).  I’ve got mixed public opinion on this topic however, so I think overall 50% of us are just full of shit (you aren’t here yet technically, nor can you read, so my trash mouth stays for the interim).  Either way I am super excited for you to arrive.  I am however, sadly disappointed that all my weekly reading on your growth (particularly height and weight) is now for naught, as you are already heavier and bigger than most little fetuses your age by about a week.  This week it says you are just now 12 oz., and two weeks ago you were 14 oz.!  You may not be “due” till October 2nd, however I am also convinced you will have a September birthday (your great-grandpop would be extra ecstatic if you could make it for HIS birthday on the 22nd…just giving you a heads up).

I am starting to learn your little personality, particularly how you don’t like seltzer water and will only really move around when I put my feet up (is this a sign you want me to relax more so we can play?)  You are pretty quiet while I am at work but the second I come up and elevate my feet you party away.  You need to start moving around more for Daddy, torturing him by kicking every time he moves his hand away is going to start to give him a complex you know.  You also don’t like it when I stand for too long or over extend myself.  I’m listening, I’m listening (hence the naps whenever I can, putting my feet up when I’m at home so we can play and asking other people for help).

Just so you know in advance I’ve taken quite the beating for how big you have made my belly this “soon” in my pregnancy.  Trouble is I had a short little waist to begin with so since you can’t move up or down anymore than you have you are just growing out.  We bang into things often together and reaching to close the car door or grab my ticket at the toll booth have become challenges.  Can’t wait for our adventures when I am twice this size right before you are born!

We have your crib and bedding, compliments of Mom Mom and Pop Pop and I am dying to put your room together.  Although we are waiting to put all your goodies together until it’s a little sooner to your arrival…like Mom needs more to dust and clean already!  It will be beautiful and you will love it.

We talk about you all the time (me and Daddy) and probably bore everyone we know to death, but we can’t help it.  You are already an extension of us and all the anticipation of watching you grow and wondering what your name will be and what you will look like and who you will act like and the life that we will have is almost too much.

You are kicking me now and it makes me feel like a million bucks.  I can’t wait until I am writing these posts with you in my lap, spitting up on me or screaming in my ear or tugging on my necklace or pulling off my glasses.  We wanted you so badly even before you were born and when you get here, it’s going to be just…magical.


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