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tales of something simple - let me tell you a story about the man i married

i believe

Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.

all types of chaos

let me tell you a story about the man i married

One year ago tomorrow we went out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary.  We ate and we laughed and we talked about the future.  We drove home in a wicked snowstorm that started just as we were leaving the restaurant and it took us two hours to drive thirteen miles.  He drove as I had indulged in a glass of wine, my last before finding out I was pregnant just nine days later.  We didn’t have a big bank account, lavish vacations booked, big ticket purchases to make or big plans.  We had experienced much in little time and in the end we just had each other.  We didn’t know what the next year would hold but having him next to me, just as he was–it was enough.

He has always, always been enough.

And now, our two people has become three.  Our third year has become four.  Our headcount has gotten higher, our marriage has gotten longer, our love story has gotten more beautiful, our love has gotten bigger.

Four years ago tomorrow I married my best friend.  I married the person who brought a kind of meaning to the word “home” that I know I would not have found elsewhere.  He was generous and smart.  Handsome and compassionate.  Gentle and kind.  Soft and sweet.  He told me he loved me in a single glance and he carried my heart around with pride.  I knew that I loved him before I ever said the words.  The way he looked at me told me how soft his touch was and how good it would feel before he ever even did it.

He was the best first kiss I ever had.

He was the last kiss I ever had.

He is the only kiss I ever want to have again.

I look at him across the room, across the car, across the bed and I feel a sense of fullness and peace.  He makes quiet sense of my world in a way that is simple and sincere.  He makes me laugh in the out loud way.  He makes every part of something that is wrong feel good again.

I am a woman of many, many words.  However, the way I feel about him does not have any.

I used those words to make the following promises four years ago:

Brian, today I take you to be my husband. 

Today I am certain. 

I am certain that you are the man that I was meant to live my life beside. 

I stand here and I see our lives before me.  I see lazy Sunday’s and crazy work weeks, love notes taped to doors and good night kisses, stolen covers, and missing socks.  I see family, and children, and laughter and a love between us that is too big to measure.  My love for you is and always will be unconditional.  Even in our unit of two, we have already become a family.  Today I ask you to communicate with me when you feel in doubt, to hold me when it’s hard to stand on your own, and to always know that you are my favorite, no matter what.  As I stand here before you, I see your face and I know love.  I look forward to a life full of the planned, but mostly the unexpected, and I know that one day I will look over at you, fifty years from now, and I will see a handsome old man, who has made my life richer, more beautiful, and more peaceful than I could have ever made it while alone.  And I know that in that moment I will look back on our lives with the kind of fulfillment and pride that I won’t be able to describe in words.  My love for you finally leaves me speechless.  Undoubtedly, from this point forward, I give you my hand to hold, and my heart to keep.

Now let me tell a story to the man I married.

If I could go back in time and see the years that would follow that day–every single minute, no detail unchanged–I would say yes to a life with you every single day until forever.

Thank you for keeping my hand warm and my heart safe for all of these years.

I love you.

Happy anniversary my love.

Happy anniversary.


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