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tales of something simple - best friend

i believe

Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.

all types of chaos

i don't have to have a single thing in common with you to love you

We aren’t famous for looking like, talking alike or acting alike.  We don’t tend to love the same movies or music.  We don’t share clothes or swap books.  We aren’t obsessed with the same snack food and we don’t blush over the same color wine.  I moon over babies and she gushes over travel and maps.  I got married and she got dating.  I hurried up college and she dragged it along like a bratty toddler.  I kissed ass and she kept aloof.  She wore clothes inside out and backwards and I wore khaki, navy, black and white all year round–with loafers.  I wrote eloquent literature papers and she barely read the book.  She speaks almost two other foreign languages fluently while I only made it through Spanish because I begged.  She has more frequent flyer miles than most local politicians and I don’t even know where my US Air card is.  She wears bras with print and I stick with solids.  She schools me in pilates on any day while I push myself to keep up on a brisk walk.  She wears princess laya buns in her hair on a good day and I somehow end up with Baby Shrek ears on the sides of my head when I try it.

But when she says she loves you she means it.  When I leave a message I tell her a story.  When she calls late at night I try to pick up, even if I’m sleeping.  She’s the kind of person you always feel like talking to.  We have never been known for getting together to do things.  We do things because we are together.  I could give a shit about Pirates of the Caribbean or Harry Potter but I tolerate her elicit detail because she loves it.  She let’s me talk for hours on end about the same exact topic and always finds a way to make me think and talk in a way that will continue to keep her entertained.  Every time we see each other the other person knows their is a kind of happiness and joy we both feel that you can’t quite replicate with any other person.  It has never mattered what is going on in my life–if she says it will be OK, it will and always has been.  I’ve only heard worry in her once and it was then I knew it was serious.  We’ve seen each other through the best and the not so great–but we’ve always been.  I can’t recall a single fight and she actually doesn’t even annoy me.  Ever.  I actually appreciate all of her faults, if you call them that.  Her nonchalant attitude toward things I might take more seriously, or how quickly she fills her schedule when she is in town.  She picks and chooses when to be liberal with money and it almost always surprises me.  She studies too hard and almost always made better grades.  She likes nuts in desserts and always bakes from scratch.

She was always so set in her ways and stuck on her life plan to fly by the seat of her pants and live life by her own rules.  She swore she’d never marry–now she is.  I’ve seen her grow and change and even though we travel different daily paths, the big picture is the same: we are both in each others.  I have never and will never meet another like her…and who would want to?  One is enough.

One soul sister is enough for a lifetime and she is mine.

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